Travel information- How to get to Vässarö

Here are travel information, how to get to Vässarö.

From the airport (Airport coach) –> Stockholm city (subway) –> Tekniska högskolan (Bus 676) –> Norrtälje (Bus 637) –> Ellans Vändplan (Vässarö-boat) –> Vässarö!

From Airport:

If you arrive by airline you will arrive at:

Arlanda (ARN), Skavsta (NYO) or Bromma (BMA)

The best way to get to Stockholm city (and from there, to Vässarö) is by airport coaches but it´s also possible to go by public transport.

To buy ticket and check departueres visit:

Arlanda- Stockholm city  (Travel time 41 min)

Skavsta – Stockholm city (Travel time 80 min)

Bromma – Stockholm city (Travel time 20 min)

Arlanda-  Stockholm city  Public transport (For this option you have to buy a travel card at ”Pressbyrån” at the airport.

Bus stop 1. bus 583 to Märsta station.
Bus stop 1. Bus 583 to Märsta station, change to the commuter train/pendeltaget to Stockholm.

(We recommend you to buy two day tickets immediately at airport. It is not possible to buy ticket in the bus on the way back to Norrtälje when you leaving Vässarö.)

From Stockholm City:

Take the subway from Stockholm city to station “Tekniska högskolan”(red line) travel time is about 6 min. But you should count at least 30 minto get from the stop of the airport coaches to “Tekniska högskolan” (It can be a bit tricky to find your way to the subway)

To check departueres visit:

From Tekniska högskolan:
Whe you arrive at “Tekniska högskolan”, go to the bus terminal and take bus 676 or 637 to “Norrtälje busstation”, (the last stop).

From Norrtälje:
Here you have to switch to bus 637 to Ellans vändplan (last stop)

From Ellans vändplan:
Here we pick you up and travel the last way in our own boat to Vässarö.

Contact number:

If you need to contact us in any matter during your travel to Vässarö (or other thing we might help you with) don’t hesitate to call us at: +46 173 371 19