Staff information

All work on the island is carried out by our volunteer staff. A staff consisting of about 60 people is in charge of the camp. Most of the staff is between the ages of 18 to 25 but we also have several families among our staff.

The staff is divided into different patrols dealing with different tasks. Within the patrol, there is one patrol leader, usually someone who has worked within that particular area before and knows the job; age is more or less irrelevant as long as there is competence and leadership skills involved. The summer is divided into two periods consisting of four or five weeks each.


We would like you to

  • speak and understand English
  • be a member of WOSM or WAGGGS
  • be positive, hard-working, and friendly!
  • share the core values of scouting
  • between the age of 17-25


As a member of staff you will receive pocket money of 40 SEK/day, food, lodging, bed linen, towels and a free Vässarö T-shirt. Staff members live in rooms with 2 – 6 beds and eat in the dining hall together with some of the groups.

Now and then, we try to arrange a staff evening. As we are situated on an island our options are limited, but so far we have managed quite a wide variety of activities. The international staff members sometimes arrange one of these nights.

Most of our (Swedish) staff works here during part of their vacation; most common is to stay 2 – 5 weeks. We encourage our international staff members to stay for an entire period or at least arrive on the same day as the others. If you arrive in the middle of a period it may be more difficult to get to know the others.

Camp periods 2024

The summer vacation is divided into camp-periods:
Vässarö 1: – 9th of june – 14th of july

Vässarö 2 – 14th of july – 18th of august

The best is if you can work for a whole period, but we can discuss other solutions with you if you have difficulty in combining Vässarö’s camp-periods with your vacation, job, other camps etc. The staff change-over is on Sundays.