Program possibilities

Our island offers you countless possibilities for a fun and exciting programme. Forest, meadows, seashore rocks and the sea itself may be used in many ways.

Hikes, walks, pioneering, campfires, treasure hunts, candlelight trails and, of course, the opportunity to study nature from various aspects. We think that the group leader is best suited to compose the programme for each group. Vässarö has some programme activities that may be included as a part of your camp.

We wish to point out that all activities should be conducted in an environmentally safe way, bearing in mind that nature is not an endless resource. If you are uncertain about your programme, please check with the Vässarö Camp Managers or Programme staff.

Some of our activities have to be booked in advance: sailing, canoeing and the Trapper Trail are among them. On arrival, you will be contacted by a staff member who will organize the rest of the bookings for your group.

In this presentation of our programme we offer some suggestions of land based and sea based activities, but of course you are free to organize the activity in other ways for your convenience. The time given for each activity is only estimated and no walking time to and from your camp site is included. Read more about the land and sea based activities by clicking in the left menu.