On Vässarö, everyone should feel welcome. On Vässarö, everyone is different. On Vässarö, we respect each other. On Vässarö, we have the oppertunity to form our own culture and norms. We have the power to create a place where everyone thrives and feels welcome. 

In the staff patrols we spend quite a lot of time and energy on making everyone feel the team spirit and to feel welcome. In our endeavor we try to be sincere, appreciate each other and each others work, commend each other, show gratitude, take the time to talk to each other to understand, respect our differences and see it as a strenth. We make sure to create a soft atmosphere, free from ironic and condescending jokes, even if they by some people can be considered funny. We expect from our staff that we all try equally hard and that we share values.

We aim to catch the problems when they arise, even though it might result in an uncomfortable conversation, and we base our stories about problems and conflicts on our own experience. We are proud of all our 16-17 years old staff that are here for the first time, and maybe this is their first job. Of course we have indulgence with that many are new at the job and that we all have our own conditions. If someone have a need of bringing forward strong crititcs with an empty stomach, this should be to the island management and not to the person being new at the job.

You as a visitor should also expect to be met by a staff  member in a nice way, and that is also exactly what we expect from you. On that note, don’t be afraid to talk about the matters mentioned above with your neighbours on the campsite, in your group, with the staff or the island management.

The nice culture on Vässarö we bring with us to our contexts at home. Our school, our job, the scout troupe and our home. Join us and contribute! For everything we do for each other – THANK YOU! 

Drugs, alcohol and tobacco

Vässarö is completely free from drugs and we don’t drink alcohol. Smoking is done in a way that doesn’t bother anyone else and in a fire safe way. We have two permanent smoking spots on the island – behind the Program office and at the dining hall, behind the toilets.


For those that wish to sleep it should be quite between 23:00-07:00. We adjust these times to the groups being on the island, and of course we are extra silent when we are near a camp with small scouts at night. At all places where there might be people sleeping, it is a good idea to keep quite.


Due to the risk of accidents bikes are not allowed on Vässarö. Please don’t bring your own bike. A few bikes for the staff exists.


The group leader has the ultimate resposibility 

Normal health care you should be able to take care of your self in your camp – remember to bring a first aid kit! At the event of more severe injuries we will help you as good as we can. It is however always the group leader that has the ultimate responsibility for the group. In need of assistance, contact the camp office or at emergencies – the emergency number. When you are at Vässarö and an emergency occurs it is, given our knowledge and experience, better to call our emergency number before you call the Swedish emergency nummer 112.

Any nurses or doctors in your camp? 

If you have someone with special knowledge in healtchare among leaders or parents in your group we really appreciate if you tell this to the camp office. If something serious happens it’s always good to know that there are healtch care specialists that we can ask for advice.

Respect that everyone is here at camp with their group

The eventual healthcare personel on Vässarö is first and formost here at a camp with their group. Please respect this and deal with lighter health issues yourself. Vässarö does not have an open surgery and can not take care of small wounds and sore legs. If a participant is in a condition that would normally result in a visit to a hospital, we advice you to talk to the parents and ask if it’s a good idea to send the participant home to visit a hospital or not.


+46 (0)76-795 22 22 

Vässarö has its own emergency number in the case of accident or fire. Please add this to your contacts so you have it close if something would happen and make sure that everyone in your group know about this number. This number is only to be called in the cases that you normally would call the regular emergency number (911 or 112) and not if you’re out of toilet paper, a water tap i droping of if you’re about to miss the boat. Please do not misuse this number!